Removing Doors


I am super new to Astral (I only started using it yesterday) and I accidentally added a door marker to my map (don’t ask me how, I’m pretty sure it was a missclick) and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to remove it. I can’t find any information about in anywhere, either. Kinda panicking as my next session is due in a few hours and I absolutely need this map to work properly.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @SkorpTS

Enter Edit mode on the map by pressing E, then enter Door mode by pressing D, then click on the door that you want to change back into a wall, then press E to exit edit mode.

You might also want to join our Discord server, as we can provide answers a lot faster there.

Enjoy your stay with Astal

Thank you so much, this saved my map!

Not a problem at all.

// Closed as resolved