Realms of Terrinoth Template (Genesys) 0.6

This is a RoT template for the Genesys. Same dice, you can practically use any talents or gear. Whatever floats your boat. This sheet falls under the “Remove it if you don’t need it” as there is flavor text to edit throughout the sheet.

There is no template nor subsection for it in the templates menu, however it falls under the Genesys system so you could technically use this for Genesys. There is a PDF we can use for Genesys but my group runs the more fantasy version and the document better reflects that. I could do the Genesys sheet or the beanstalk sheet if people so desire it.

There is no built in dice resolver for the Genesys dice in Astral at the moment. You will require an external roller to properly use this in Astral. A good example would be Skyjedi’s Genesys dice roller. It’ll do.

You caaaan get away with custom face die rolling inside of Astral.

| Boost | !(1d[ blank, blank, s, sa, aa, a]) |
| Setback | !(1d[ blank, blank, f, f, t, t]) |
| Ability | !(1d[ blank, s, s, ss, a, a, sa, aa]) |
| Difficulty | !(1d[ blank, f, f, ff, t, t, tt, ft]) |
| Proficiency | !(1d[ blank, s, s, ss, ss, a, sa, sa, sa, aa, aa, +]) |
| Challenge | !(1d[ blank, f, f, ff, ff, t, t, ft, ft, tt, tt, -]) |


  • (blank) - It’s a blank face. does nothing except be a pretty face on your digital dice.

  • (s) - Success! You did the thing! This is a great result and good things happen. You hit the baddie, you picked the lock, congrats :smiley:

  • (a) - Advantage. A Good result. You didn’t quite do it but you feel like you’re on your way.

  • (+) - Triumph!!! This result can turn the tide of battle and save your (or your parties) behind.

  • (f) - Failure! You did NOT do the thing. This is the dice you never want to see. or feel. These go against your success, and if there are more failures, well… you FAIL.

  • (t) - Threat. Same as advantage but the opposite effect. You’re teetering on the edge, too many of these and you might really be in trouble. These subtract from advantages, till you have no more.

  • (-) - Despair!!! Wallow in your bad luck! You accidentally shoot your bud or strike your teammate. Now is a good time to cry. These do NOT subtract Triumphs. Special rules apply there.

This is version 0.6 due to changes I plan on making, like calculating your XP with each level you train in or talent you purchase. The math is simple, I just need to shape the formula over 30 times and apply it to every skill.
I might throw in a fifth page with all the possible rolls (You only roll up to six on the positive from your stats, with boost/setback die you’ll need to do outside) If I had the ability to roll +a or -a in a roll, with four variables, I might muster out an auto solver.

Other than that, cheers!