Read Me First! Rules on Community Content category

Welcome to Community Content!

This section is to outline the rules for submitting/requesting/recommending change for Community created content. Please read this in it’s entirety before posting in this section.

What is the Community Content Category used for?

Use this category to:

  • Request character templates for popular systems
  • Submit a character as a template for a system
  • Review templates and recommend change or improvement

What is this category not used for?

Do not use this category to:
  • Promote other businesses or services
  • Discuss/submit content not meant for use on Astral

A word about Code of Conduct

We are a community dedicated to improving Astral for everyone. Community Content is meant to help everyone by creating templates that will improve everyone’s tabletop experience. All submitted content is the voluntary work of a member of this community. They have taken the time to try to improve the platform. When recommending change, remember the human.

Inversely, when receiving recommendations for change, remember that someone has taken the time to double check the accuracy of your work. You are not required to make changes based on recommendation unless the change being requested involves a rule-break. We all want the same thing, more content for everyone. Consider recommendations for improvement as someone wanting to help make it better for everyone.

Above all else, remember: If someone truly feels their way is better, you can always make your own template and submit it for review. Nothing is “final”, everything will always have room for improvement.


  • No content that violates licences (e.g. non-OGL)
  • If using assets, only use assets that are available to free members

Submitting a Template Character

Once you have created your character and are ready for it to be submitted as a template, post the link to the character with a brief description. From here, a member of Astral Staff will review your submission and verify that it meets community standards.

If this is to replace an already existing template, make sure you provide a strong and compelling reason for this replacement.

Community Review

After Astral Staff review your submission, we’ll post a public link for the community to review. This will be a “read only” version of your character. Since we can’t know everything about every system, the community will have a chance to review your character and recommend change or improvement.

When recommending change, any member of the community can post to discuss in the submission topic. If you are recommending change, be sure to include why you are recommending the change. References to rulebooks are nice. Make sure there’s a clear reason why you are recommending the change.


Once approved, your template will be available to everyone! You will receive credit for the creation of the template.


  • If you don’t have an asset that fits well for the image, just choose a default token image like the detective. (It looks better in the vault)
  • You are more than welcome to add a small note claiming credit in the Character Notes section. It’s recommended you do so from Notes and not GM notes, as this will be visible to everyone. For everyone’s safety, no links.
  • If there is some techno-wizardry happening behind the scenes in the Character Actions, Notes might be a good place to explain how to make changes if necessary. Try to think “easy as possible.”

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