Reactive Sheet Elements

I would like to be able to change the display formatting of Stats or Text on the sheet depending on the value of another Stat or Checkbox.

An example of this is Feats automatically acquired by leveling up a specific Class. One could list all the Feats for the Class using a grey font color, then change the setting to black and bold as the level changes.

Another example would be to change the color of the Load text as the carried weight changes.

An easier implementation would be to have checkboxes that change value depending on the value of a Stat, such as a checkbox next to the Feat that automatically checks when the required level is reached.

If this solution would allow a “Checkbox” to activate or deactivate “changing a Stat” that would be awesome. The stat can still be used normally; but, cannot have the value changed.

Need ASAP for Warhammer Fantasy RPG 4e.

One thing I’d like to see is a “rating” element…
Think of star ratings in many websites: if 3/5 is checked, items 1 and 2 are also checked.

It’s basically a way to display a current/max stat as a single (but “composite”) UI element. Not to mention this could be tied to the multiple health bars request.

This is useful for many systems… to mention a few:

Pretty much all WoD stats:

Ironsworn stats:

Stability in Kult:

Health in AW: