Quickly toggle NPC name labels on and off

Hey guys,

During my games, I often have NPCs who the party hasn’t met yet. When setting up the game, I like to name all of my NPCs based on their name from the story so I know who is who. When we get to a map, sometimes the players see the NPC from a distance and confirm who it is before interacting with them. My current workaround is to simply name NPCs “???” or something similar then update it once they confirm their identity. This is fine, but it slows the game down slightly and can cause confusion when trying to teleport NPCs from map to map because I end up with cases where I have multiple “???” names.

My request is to add a Hide/Show NPC Name option. Clicking this button would take an NPCs name and convert it to “???” or similar to the players, but keep the name visible to the GM. Clicking it again, shows the real name to the players. That way, as the GM, I always know who is who and can easily teleport my NPCs around without the risk of players accidentally seeing the real name of the NPC before confirming their identity.


Sam from D&D Newbie Sessions

Hi @perlox

You can change the Nickname under the Display setting. The players only see the nickname if one is set rather than the character’s name.

Also, under the Settings menu (S) you can hide names.