Quick Stats fillable fields

I would love to have special Tags or some other mechanic (for example hiding all unneeded fields) for all the stats, where I can select Stat values that can be filled easily.

Within the Character Builder after selecting a Template, you can see all the Stats on the left and easily type in the correct numbers (for example STR, DEX, CON, WIS, …). This already is great and nearly what I want. However, all the Stats / Fields are shown here, even the ones like calculated ones (for example BONUS1 = (STR+CON)/2 ) or similar. Players often go through the list and replace things, so I would like to hide the calculated values from this list instead of showing all.

I could not see a feature like this so far besides naming manually all input stats a specific name (NOT_HIDDEN) and then tell players to filter for “NOT_HIDDEN” before entering their values. It could be similar to that, where a stat is just marked hidden and a checkbox next to filtering says “also show hidden stats” or similar.

Hi @Alatron

The team have been discussing the possibility of making inline editing a reality, so you would edit the stats on the sheet just like a web form.

As for editing from the side panel (Overview in Astral terms) if the sheet creator added all the user-editable Stats first and then all the calculated fields after, it makes this a much simpler process, even though you still can’t hide calculated fields (or lock them as has been proposed in another Feature Request) yet.

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