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The current dice roller in Astral does almost everything I need for making good macros for my players. One thing that it could use though is a function that asks the person rolling for an input. This would be very useful for modifier that change depending on the situation. For example:

Say an attack in 1d20 + stat + modifier. The stat only changes with the character sheet, but the modifier would change on the fly. Changing it on the fly is a hassle. Prompting the roller with a text box that asks for some value, and then rolling with the new value would save a bunch of time and allow for more complex and elegant macros.

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Big bump on this, game like Symbaroum would really need this feature. 2d20 games would require that to, examples being Conan, Star Trek etc

Bump from me, this is an essential feature, to apply buffs or penalties to rolls is a core part of almost every roll playing system. Ideally however in additon to the open field, it would be great if in the new MY DICE section (Coming) , you could add another band to the Dice at the bottom of the CHAT window that the GM could turn on to show the players customised Modifiers. So if you were running a session for D&D5e, you can add a band above the Dice with the base modifiers ADV +5 +2 DIS -2 -5 (…) where … allows you to type in any modifier. In your My DICE, you can save these tile bands and drag and drop them for different campaigns so if you GM D&D5e session you can use that tile, then if you creatre a Starfinder session, switch it out with the +2 -2 for 2nd action penalties, etc.

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My vote as well, though I would wish for even more features with the dice roller, or even a scriptable dice roller in general.

Could you not just link the roll to a value on the character sheet, and change that value on the fly before rolling? I know that requires the player to remember to update it - but it atleast makes it less of a hassle to change the outcome of the roll.

My primary use-case for this feature would be casting spells at higher levels in D&D 5e. Currently, I use a delayed roll to indicate upcasting - if the player declares they are casting at a higher level, they use their action and then click on a delayed roll to add the extra damage. To clean up the action, I’d like to see the ability to prompt for the spell level and then use that variable within the action (Guiding Bolt, for example, could be !(3d6+{spellLevel}d6) where spellLevel is inputted by the player upon clicking the action.

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Or rogue sneak attack, or barbarian rage modifiers. Voting for this

I’m giving this a bump too, it would be really helpful for skill rolls where the difficulty number changes.

If a Spell can be cast at Higher levels, add it to that spell level with the increased effect built in. How I build my sheets: Click on the Level(ed) Spell you want to cast.

____Level 5
Flame Strike
A 40’ column of Divine Fire roars down from the sky in a 10’ radius. DEXsave
Fail:!(4d6)Fire Dmg, !(4d6) Radiant Dmg.
Save: half that Dmg

____Level 6
Flame Strike (^1)
A 40’ column of Divine Fire roars down from the sky in a 10’ radius. DEXsave
Fail:!(5d6)Fire Dmg, !(5d6) Radiant Dmg.
Save: half that Dmg

____Level 7
Flame Strike (^2)
A 40’ column of Divine Fire roars down from the sky in a 10’ radius. DEXsave
Fail:!(6d6)Fire Dmg, !(6d6) Radiant Dmg.
Save: half that Dmg

This is basically an essential feature for games like Burning Wheel, a dice-pool-based system in which you can get situational help and other bonus dice on almost every action in the game.

So something like
!(({Perception}+?{Help}+?{Artha}+?{Additional Modifiers})d6)
Where each ?{} brings a pop-up dialogue box for the player to fill before pressing ‘accept’ and rolling all the dice in chat.

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