QoL suggestions


Just tried the VTT (0.6.15) for the first time and I have some questions.

  1. Why is the arrow that opens the Layers tab so small and transparent and not even named “Layers”?
    It was very hard for me to find it after the first time I closed “Layers”.
    Perhaps an icon for Layers could be added to either the left panel(as the tab is on the left itself), to the main menu (like in Photoshop), or the the top-right corner, alongside with the “Vault” icon. And please make the arrow less transparent or add the word “Layers” to it so it could be understood what it does.

  2. While we have seemingly no restrictions on map size, there is no apparent way to move the camera around.
    This could really restrict people with low resolutions and those who want a big map all-in-one. Click-and-drag interface to move the camera (when there is no asset selected) would be very helpful, as well as scaling with the mousewheel.

  1. Thanks for reporting, I’ll make that much more obvious

  2. Those two things should be happening.

Right-click and drags moves around the map, mousewheel zooms in/out.

Are those not working as expected?

Thanks for taking the time to report the issue and welcome to the community!



@FortTell Just a quick update that your suggestion to move the sidebar toggle to the top toolbar was a great idea and it will make it into the next release.

A screenshot of it in action is below.


  1. Yes, it works. I just assumed it would be LMB+drag, not RMB+drag. Scaling also works.
  2. Perhaps the selected asset/camera if no asset selected could be moved with the arrow keys, in addition to mouse dragging? It may be redundant because of the snap-to-grid option, however.

And thanks for your fast answer!


Love the idea of arrow keys, it’s been suggested before so I’ve added a note. I’m not sure where it falls on priority at the moment but there’s a good chance it’ll make it up higher if more people request.

Glad to hear the panning/zoom works! The idea of LMB was to reserve it for “click and drag” to select multiple assets, like most editing software do. I haven’t implemented it yet but that was the reason that LMB doesn’t pan as you’d expect.

Entirely open to thoughts on how you might like this behave! I’ve had on the backlog since the beginning to implement a way to override keybindings but it’s never been a high enough priority for me to do.

Thanks again for your suggestions and feedback and I’m always here if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns!



A quick fix option for the tool bar icons is to make the colors different and stand out more. I know the icon for stuff like the lock layer option is a bit small for me and I have trouble telling if something is locked or not. Having a lock be grey if it’s open and some other color like yellow if it’s locked would be a help.

I can’t currently get the program open to check but a hover over option would help as well for icons. Something to tell you what that button does. I know what they all do just from familiarity of a similar set up in a lot of other imaging programs but not all users might be the same.


Interesting that you can’t get the application to open. Are you stuck on the loading screen?

Tooltips should be on each of the buttons to give you an idea of what they do. Oh! But they aren’t on the lock/visible icons now that I’m thinking of it. I can certainly look into that!

The UX can definitely be improved here, I’m happy to do some research into what would make this “pop” more.