Put players on multiple maps at once?

On Roll20, I can build my maps ahead of time, then place tokens and assign them to my players. The players can’t see these maps and don’t know they exist until I go to the map and click the option to move everyone else there, at which point they all load into the map, with their tokens in the predesignated spots.

This makes setting up maps incredibly easy, I can position the players ahead of time without them being able to go to the maps and seeing spoilers. But unless I’m missing something, there doesn’t seem to be any way to do this on astral? The only way I can even find to change the active map is to use the “move party here” feature, which just plops the players down randomly somewhere near your mouse.

The only thing I can find in reference to this is an old thread where someone seems to be asking the same question: Allow characters to have a token PER MAP

Unfortunately, not being able to do this is going to be a deal breaker, and while I don’t want to return to Roll20, if I can’t set up maps ahead of time then I can’t use this site.

You can set everything up other than the PC starting location, as of now.

I just set up a map element for each PC, so when I move them on the board, I know where to put them.

Well that’s unfortunate. I guess it’s time to go back to searching for a new VTT.

Edit: For people finding this thread in the future, MapTool is what I’m switching to. It’s amazing, and has no storage limits.


You can place copies of the players’ characters everywhere you want, and then just assign those characters to the players when you want them to have access to a map.

Personally, I don’t mind taking the 5 seconds to drop players’ characters from the Characters menu © exactly where I want them when I switch maps. It allows me to change the character order and position on the fly depending on what decisions they made on the previous map, rather than having them be positioned the way you want them placed.

How do you do this? The guides to making maps on this site don’t say anything about that.

Just right click on the player’s tokens and choose “Duplicate - 1x”. This gives you a copy of the token.

Now drop that token where ever you want.

Assign it to the correct player when you want them to be able to switch maps and ask them to switch characters (Ctrl-Enter).

I guess that technically works, but then I’ve got to make all my players keep switching characters - again, breaking immersion and the flow of the game.