Promising VTT

I signed up as a Pro subscriber yesterday. For my purposes, Astral is not ready for prime time quite yet but it is VERY promising. Once some basic features are added (some I have already posted about and/or voted on and others I will comment on when time allows), it could become a rival to FG and Roll20. Both of those platforms have been around a long time and have much larger teams working them, of course, but you guys have an impressive product here that many players should find useful even now. Roll20 has some significant issues that might allow you to snatch a lot of their market-share. But, a lot of core functionality will have to be in place to start getting the player base needed to generate word of mouth and momentum. As you know, Roll20’s player community is massive. Despite FG’s work on the Unity release, some players/GMs will continue to stay away due to cost and the learning curve. The ability to upload PDF compendiums is a major plus for your platform and I love the weather and time-of-day slider effects on the map sheets. The default campaign background parchment pages are a nice touch for ambiance. Thanks for the work you’ve put into this so far!


Hi @Sentinel7

Thanks for the positives, and thanks for the support.

Just FYI, our user base as grown to over 120,000 users since March, more than double our original level.

Keep checking in.

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I agree, Astral has great potential and is on it’s way. A bunch of important features may be missing (and they are not that many either, perhaps the top 10 voted feature requests) and once achieved, it will make some noise in the market for sure!

Biggest benefit of Astral of course is the non-streamline system support, with a flexible “write-on-top” mechanism that does not require system macros or custom html. It is also cool because you can use the original game’s character sheet and also players can customize their own if need to, with custom imagens and such.

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120k!? Wow, that’s quite a jump in such a short time. Grats!

Somehow, and I haven’t tried to figure out the specifics of why yet, Astral’s interface just seems more intuitive for me in a GM role, and more appealing aesthetically, than Roll20’s.

I had never considered playing on a VTT before this past March. Of course, I needed to find a way to play during the quarantine, so I started researching the other VTTs available at the moment.

I was quickly put off by complications with the rest, and I found Astral and was surprised by the strong map creation ability. More things have been added steadily, but this system is fantasticly easy to learn and I subbed a couple of weeks after.

Me and my players recognize the hard work you have put in the system. Kudos.


Astral is great for my needs, because it allows me to make maps in a matter of minutes, share them with players, and toss around assets quite easily. I am glad I found Astral- even though it doesn’t have the same content integration as some other VTTs, it has what matters: solid map making, good player experience, and easy and intuitive interfaces.


In my opinion as a long time Astral Pro subscriber that holds it back is the character sheets.
They are abysmal compared to the likes of the other systems available.
The map system is great and the compendium has made strides.
The latest public link invites system is a huge step. Astral could be easily in the
conversations with Roll20 and FG if and only when their character sheet becomes usable for
both seasoned and new players.


Hi @TruZer0, welcome back to the forums, and thanks for your support!

We hear you, and you’re not alone in the wish for Sheet ease-of-use. You may have noticed that we’ve resumed our survey collection and community feedback initiatives, and this was something frequently mentioned as well.

Something I’d suggest is to join up on our Discord Server here:

There’s a lot of experts available to give tips and tricks into making the Sheet experience easier, though there’s always room for improvement.

We’re going to be zeroing in on pain points throughout the site and trying to improve as always, so please continue to provide feedback, criticism and feature requests related to what would make things easier for you. Thanks much, and hope to improve this for you soon.

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I’m not too worried about the character sheets because, in my case, I’ll have players fill out a particular character sheet hard copy then scan and upload. I’m trying to take a lot of the “virtual” out of VTT and use the platform kind of as a pen-and-paper facilitator.

The more flexibility Astral has in that regard, the better, imho.