Problems with the new dice flags

This rolls, but returns zero (?) as a Fumble and doesn’t appear to produce a result over 97. What I want to happen is any result below 10% of Combat_Style_1 is a Critical hit while any score above 98 is a Fumble:
Can anyone see the problem?


Correction: The Zero results are the ones above 98, but it’s still ignoring the CS function.

Hi @Hind

Your Syntax is wrong


should solve it

Using that line produces this; the CS function appears not to be in the result:

You see where it says 1 success? That is the Count Success.

I’m not sure I understand. I thought that using the new flags would produce a result of (In the context of this dice) of a critical success if the roll was less than 7, and a fumble of over 98. As you can see in the images, its calling the successes all through the range from 1 to 100 even including in the range of the fumble.

Am I not understanding what the new flags are for?

Ideally, I would like a roll to return critical successes, normal success up to the Target Number, Failure beyond the Target Number, and fumbles at the far end. From previous experience putting the TN into a roll just returns zero, a failure, without leaving an option for fumbles, though this was before the update.


cs defaults to counting Greater Than Or Equal To if you don’t put in the comparitor.

Sorry to be a pain :frowning: That one returns zero throughout the range even within the critical, though it does identify fumbles.

This is the complete Action; I can’t see anything in there which would interfere with the roll though:

Target Score: Below {Combat_Style_1}
Score Rolled: !(1d100cf>=99cs<={floorCombat_Style_1/10})
{Weapon_Name_1} !({Weapon_Type_1 ? (Weapon_Damage_1) :0})
Damage Modifier !({Damage_Modifier})
If your Weapon is one size smaller than the Defenders and they parry successfully, half the Damage. Two sizes Smaller, Don’t even bother!
Hit Location: !(1d[Right Leg, Right Leg, Right Leg, Left Leg,Left Leg,Left Leg,Abdomen,Abdomen,Abdomen,Chest,Chest,Chest, Right Arm,Right Arm,Right Arm,Left Arm,Left Arm,Left Arm,Head,Head])
Critical: Less than or equals: {Combat_Style_1/10}
Fumble: 99 or 100


Just tested by removing the /10 from the line, this will actually work by listing successes under the target number which TBH is maybe even better than just returning the crits, though as I understand it that was the purpose of this update?

Anyway thank you again for your help LaMorte, I’m happy with this result. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the new syntax for 2d20 games, which use a roll-under for successes. I know that @Rysith has also just finished creating a character sheet and game for the 2d20 system using this syntax. Neither of us have experienced any issues.

It certainly doesn’t seem to like divisions. Still the results I’m getting are useable; it just means that the player has to keep track of his criticals manually, rather than the target number, and in the end for a D100 based system, I’d say that was more useful.

I had far more success setting up The One Ring, and before I started this I thought that it would be ToR that gave me the most grief. Mythras/Mythic Britain has turned out to be a monster, though.

But I may be missing some very obvious things. In my defence, registering with Astral is the first time I’ve tried coding since I tried to put D&D on a Commodore 64. The Pandemic has made sure I have far too much time on my hands. :smiley:

If I’m reading right you want your crit range (not success range) to be defined as c_s_1/10.
so i’d start with making a stat called “crit range” (or whatever) that is combat_style_1/10. that way it can be easily referenced.
then your roll will look like
!(1d100fr>98cr<={crit range}cs<={target roll range}cs<={crit range}cf>98)

this defines your crit fail range as >98 (the dice shows red)
your crit success range as <={crit range} (the dice shows green)
then counts 1 success for under your target score threshold and a second success for under your crit range. as well as fumble >98.
I don’t know how you’re defining your {target roll range}, so shove whatever appropriate formula in there.

the resultant output will show success, double success (crit), and fumbles.

Rysith, That is spot on. Thank you. I clearly never read far enough. :slight_smile:

It took us quite some time to learn those flags in beta, so don’t feel bad at all. Just remember that Count Success and Crit Range are different flags :slight_smile:

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