Pro+ Membership: Upload file size?

If one were to upgrade to Pro or Pro+ would our Import File: Size Limit be increased? I have many maps from Dynamic Dungeons that I would love to use with your system as they’re animated backgrounds. I’d hate for the assets to go to waste.

It looks like Pro gives you 25MB per file upload maximum. Not sure on Pro+

Hi @Josippy, sorry for the late response here.

Currently all plans have a 25MB file size upload limit.

If compressing them would get them withing the limit, I’d recommend compressing these files before uploading them. Remember, if you are uploading a 25MB file, that’s also a file that has to be loaded by your players before they can play.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out!

Also, if you convert them to WebM before uploading you should get better file size and, once uploaded, better quality as Astral automatically converts any video or Gif file to WebM automatically, often with less than steller results.