Preventing constant disconnecting & reconnecting

So I am having some issues with my connection to my Astral games and it’s caused some issues on my end and for other players. These include:

  • Having to refresh chat windows to see die rolls and actions
  • Having to click to refresh the map and token places or sometimes reload the page entirely
  • Other players constantly seeing disconnect and reconnect messages related to my connection.

I’ve already attempted to clear my cache, cookies, etc. I’ve also switched browsers and even hooked my PC up to Ethernet in an attempt to resolve the issue and I’ve had no luck. I’m not really sure where to go from this point. I’ve been using Discord with my group and haven’t had any issues with connection quality and I know I’m not saturating my connection at all.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Hi @TheMonkeyMechanic

Have you already bug reported the problems that you have encountered? The team has identified some 3rd party services that they use that cause intermittent issues and they are working on getting around these issues.

They rely on the bug reports of these issues happening to be able to discover the causes of these problems though.

Not going to lie, I just reported the bug. I honestly didn’t think it was bug related but possibly ISP related which I didn’t report it earlier. At least that makes sense.

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