Possible to share an image as a handout / display for players?

Is it possible to share an image with the players, just have it pop up on their screen for a moment? For example showing a character portrait when they meet a new NPC. The only way I can figure to do it currently is put the image in a PDF and share as a handout, which is excessive.

No, it is not possible at the moment although I did notice a Feature Request asking for this to be implemented.

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I have a discord server for our games, all that shit gets posted in a channel for them. Astral has some basic tools that they really need to implement quickly. If Dnd beyond gets their VTT up and running it will dwarf this and roll 20

When you share a Handout with your players, you will, at present, ask them to look at the specific handout from their Player menu, but an option for popups has been spoken about amongst the staff and Archmagi.

A trick that I use is to create a hidden layer in the middle of any map that I want to be able to pop up pictures for my players on, and set up triggers to show the image, or hide it.

This is the same way that the Guides work in the Tutorial and Quickstarter games.

It takes a bit of work ahead of time, but you can paste a popup link into the chat screen:

  1. Open the handout for yourself
  2. Get the link to the window that opened.
  3. Paste the link into chat with descritpion

It will pop open a window with the hand out displayed (you can use this for other browser compatible content as well)

this is another trick of Lamorte’s:

create a “map” for each player, then drop their individual “handouts” (copy everything from Vault/Compendium to /Vault Assests, organized how you like) on that map as Assets. Assign each player a second character which is always on their “handout” map. That way they can switch characters to see their handouts at any time they’d like.