Possible to combine layers?

So something I’ve been looking at when making maps, is how many layers are used at any given time to create a solid map piece. I have had to split a map into multiple images to avoid the layers limit. Is there any option to, or is there one coming, to be able to combine layers into a single layer? Particularly when building interior maps and the like, this would be a useful ability.

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as in flattening a gimp img?

flattening would be good. Currently I have a map that has two layers cause the source materal had the map on two pages. If I was able to flatten in Astral that would be nice.

Once you have built your map in Astral, you can Export it as a Jpeg. This will combine all your layers into a single file. You can then use that single Jpeg as your map image and delete all the other layers, or delete the map entirely and create a new one using the Jpeg only.