Poll: Online Workspace


Hey all!

I wanted to get your thoughts on the online layout.

Option 1: Floating Windows

The first option is to open all handouts, character sheets, and the like in “windows”, similar to how Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds do it. You would be able to minimize and dock the windows within the screen.

Personal Pros: It’s pretty easy to get this up and running, it would allow you to move things around and minimize to make the layout work for you.

Personal Cons: This can get super messy. I’ve been in multiple situations where I had a bunch of screens open and quickly lost where I was.

Option 2: Sidebars

The second option is to put handouts and character sheets into a single sidebar. If you were to click on a Character, it would pull open a sidebar containing the character sheet. Clicking a handout would replace the character view (or maybe split it in half) with the handout.

Personal Pros: No windows to manage or minimize, less clutter

Personal Cons: Making this work for “everyone” is going to be a bit of challenge I’m sure.

I’m open to thoughts! I’m thinking maybe a combination of the two would be nice, but what features go where? What do you think?

  • Floating Windows
  • Sidebars
  • Other (leave a comment)

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We need support of multi-screen systems :slight_smile: So Windows only.


At the moment there is a mix of both sidebar and windowed screens. I have a feeling I will be adjusting that once feedback comes in. I personally like the mini-windows a player has for Handouts and will most-likely carry that functionality over to the screens that do not currently implement it (character sheets, etc)

Online play is out later today. Let me know what you think so far when you try it and I will prioritize any feedback from there :slight_smile: