Please make sheets faster/easier to edit

I’m new to the RPG community and I really want to use astral, since it offers many features that just make things a lot easier, but when it comes to the sheet editing… that’s where things get tricky.
My party and I have already started playing on roll20. Creating a character was kinda hard for some of them, since they knew nothing about RPG or character building whatsoever. Repeating that process is not something I was eager to do (importing roll20 sheets would be ideal), let alone teaching them a more complicated to edit sheet
From what I’ve seen, the sheet system you actually have is great for advanced players and really takes profit of the sheet system potencial, as you have almost complete freedom on what you can do with it, but it lacks the simplicity that new or busy players look for. Some simply don’t have the time and/or energy at the end of the day to edit a sheet like that (basically from scratch, as you would on a paper sheet).

With all of that said, my suggestions are:

  • Keep the system you have now. It’s a wonderful feature for advanced players or simply those who want to get creative with it, BUT i think it should be AN option, not the ONLY option (even if it’s the most efficient option)
  • Add a simpler system, maybe wtih fixed slots for each item, spell, weapon and such, something like those on roll20, without the dragging thing (it’s completely useless if you just play using a regular D&d5e sheet, for example [wich is the case for my party and I, and probably that of many other players])
  • Include the option to create more slots in case players need them, wich they will

Long story short: Sheet editing would be A LOT faster, easier and intuitive, especially for new players, if it had more buttons and “slots” rather than giving players essencially a blank paper where they drag&drop things.

Needing to drag and drop things for every sheet does get annoying and repetitive. I recommend having a template saved that already has empty actions everywhere you’d need em for most characters. You can then save this template to your vault and import it whenever you need a new character. Just having actions in the section for class abilities and in the spells section has saved me an incredible amount of time.

Also if you need help making character sheets for 5e feel free to dm me on discord ItzTK#9413. If I’m not busy with something else I wouldn’t mind making em for you or any of your party members.


Thx for the suggestionm and for offering to help! :grin: It’s a really good way to go around a part of the issue. I’ll try that

I could share the template I use if you’d like. Fair warning it is using the 5e darkmode.