Playing Piece Dimensions

I was wondering about recommended dimensions for player pieces. I get that things are scalable and what not, but using a giant Hi-Rez image for a player token would eat resources, and a tiny pixellated Lo-Rez token would run smooth but look like :poop:.
So, the starting character images available for use… what are their dimensions/resolution? They look great in detail and movement, I’d like to just have a starting scale to begin playing with.
I am still new and have MUCH to learn. I have scanned through the Forum topics and found one that almost applied to my question. :thinking: But it was regarding loading screen image size/scale and the lack of defined dimensions.

Hi @Wraith

I typically create my images at 640 x 640, then, if I plan on using token rings, use TokenTool to create a 256 x 256 final token image, or just resize the original image to 256 x 256.

This gives a nice appearance when zoomed in, and still allows some extra detail if the token is enlarged.

I honestly couldn’t tell you what the available tokens’ sizes are, but having a look at Devin’s tokens, which are available elsewhere, his hi-res images are +/- 400 x 400, and his low-res images are +/- 200 x 200.

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Here’s the result of a test sample. I figure others might find this info handy.
2" x 2" @ 300 dpi (600 x 600)
4" x 4" @ 300 dpi (1200 x 1200)
with line samples identified by point size of brush

300 dpi is overkill. You’re not going to be printing the token images.

You are so right @LaMorte.
It’s been a minute since I made 2D graphics for a computer game, I’ve been mostly doing work for print. 72 dpi is typical screen resolution. I’ll run some more samples and look for pixellation and detail loss and update if I find anything more to add to this topic.