Playing Card Deck

What is the game system your template is for?:
Any system that requires a deck of playing cards. Best of all, no publisher approval required!

Brief summary of your character template:
Click either the “Draw” or “GM Draw” actions to draw a card. The latter will show the card to the GM only. Mark off drawn cards using checkboxes

Link to character template:

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:
When the card deck is close to “empty” (i.e. most of the cards are ticked off) some duplicates may be drawn (I think there’s a limit on how many times a die can be rerolled) and the cards are not always colour-coded correctly

If you want to remove the colour-coding altogether, edit the rerolls stat and remove the “fr<=27” and the comma after it . The stat should look like concat(J1 ? "rr=1"....

I’m not part of the beta program, but if this is what I think It is, well… it just is AWESOME. And I mean it. I want to play Paranoia Red Clearance Edition with my players on Astral, and how the hell I was going to handle the decks of actions, mutants powers, etc. was a big mystery.

I really hope your template make it through and deliver ! :slight_smile:

I’m awfully curious as to how you implemented this.

Care sharing it with me?

Wow, I’m blown away by this! So useful, so well done.

I’ve made this template live. I did make some minor changes, namely I added some instructions. If the OP would like to change these instructions, please let me know. I’ll leave this thread open for awhile just in case the OP would like to recommend change.

Thanks a million, such a cool solution! This should hold people over until we can incorporate our own card deck solution.

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This is indeed great. If there was a way to have it auto tick the drawn cards and a way to clear all ticked cards at once by clicking the button. This would be as close to perfect as anyone could ask for until we get the official deck solution

Thank you

Perhaps if the following request gains enough votes and gets implemented…