Players can't see the map

I ran into a weird problem when starting the campaign last evening.
I had everything set up - the map, the walls, the monsters. But when players joined the game, they couldn’t see the map. It’s weird, because the walls I set up still affected their vision, so I thought that maybe the assets aren’t loading on their side. So I spawned a goblin right next to them and they could see it just fine. It’s just the map that they can’t see. Has this issue happened to anyone already? Have you found a solution?

It is possible that the texture isn’t loading for your players. Please bug report that, ask them to bug report it, and then ask them to press Ctrl / Cmd - F5 to force a full cache reset.

Hopefully that should fix the issue. If not, please e-mail the portal page address for that game to and explain the situation to them.

Hope this helps.

I ran into an issue similar to this a while back, but what I found was that it was due to multiple copies of the same object name existed. I renamed each of the objects with different names and it was no longer an issue. I don’t if this is at all similar to what you experienced.