Dynamic lighting performance still tanks on larger maps. yeah yeah don’t use large maps whatever, but i should be able to :slight_smile:.

Hi @sLmp and welcome to the forums.

If you slice the map image into pieces (I use 700px X 700px, or 10 grid squares X 10 grid squares) and then put those pieces together like a puzzle in Astral, you can create huge maps with Dynamic Lighting.

I’ve got one that is made from 96 pieces and I can run it on my smart phone without issue.

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LaMorte’s suggestion is almost always a good call for any large maps. There’s lots of other good tips on how to maximize performance that may help you as well.

Using fewer points in a small area helps tremendously. For example, a column can be concealed with a cross made of 4 points rather than a circle of 8-12 points and still gives a pretty good illusion of a circle. Rather than outlining each crevace of a cave wall, setting your points a little further in the wall but using larger wall segments provides a similar visual experience while saving tens of points per wall. Small saves like that can maximize performance overall and make things easier to run on older devices.

Always good to remember that even if something runs well on your device, each player also has to run the map, so if their device is older or less performant, they might feel a bit left behind.

More info on performance can be found here: