Performance while building maps

Last night I ran a D&D 5e session with 4 other friends. It took place in the sewers of a city so I figured I’d grab a sewer tileset and build the map out using them.

After I finished laying the tiles, I realized there was an “export as jpeg” option available. At the time, I figured it would be more performant to export as one big image, then start a new map using that larger image, and then setup the lighting/doors on top of it.

Come to find out, one of our players has a fairly low-end laptop he plays on, and the game just wouldn’t load the map for him.

What is recommended in this case? Should I have stuck with the many separate tile map? Is my friend’s laptop just plain too slow to run a somewhat larger map?

Also, are there other ways to build maps that would increase performance of gameplay?

Hi Beyzun!

We allow exports for people who want to use our maps in desktop environments, or who like to print them out.

The more performant option would be to leave them as tiles – Our map system will cull tiles that can’t be seen from memory, thus rendering less textures at any given time. Next time I would try with this approach and see if it helps your player’s performance at all!

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That’s good to know! I really appreciate the suggestion!