Pathfinder 2E Official Template Update

What is the game system your template is for?:

Pathfinder 2nd Edition

Brief summary of your character template:
If your template is intended to replace one of our official default templates, please share what makes your template better.

Full changelog here (V2.0).
The main thing is that I added a number of convenience updates to make a player’s life easier. A couple of the spell-related updates will also enable people to much more immediately use the spell compendium that I’ve been building.

Link to character template:

To find the link, copy and paste the URL that appears in your browser when you’ve created a character in the Vault.

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:

Not that I can think of. I am very much looking forward to other people reviewing and QAing this sheet. Making sure it’s reasonably performant, etc.

I’ve approved this template update! Very well done, @VestOfHolding
Additionally, thanks for the detailed changelog!

Awesome! Thanks, Sketch! Excited to see these changes out in the wild. I guess this thread can be closed then?