Pathfinder 2e Character Template

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Pathfinder 2e

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Making a template based off of the standard character sheet for Pathfinder 2e. Using check boxes for proficiency and stats every where. Still a work in progress but would love some input, especially on making tables for attacks and the like. I’m also putting actions to roll skills in place of where the character sheet would display the ability score modifier.

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Still a WIP but I’m planning to switch my group over to Astral from roll20 to try out the sheet in January 2020

Hey Did you finish the template? Or how to create a template? Thanks!

There is a Pathfinder 2E character template available in Astral.

When you create a new character, select Pathfinder 2E from the Game System list (you can type to search) and your new character will be created with the template.

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Anyone else notice the errors in the template in the skills rolls? Seems the formula isn’t using the correct modifier field names. My group has updated it locally but is there a way to share those updates?

I would suggest reporting those issues in the Discord server by @ ing Sketch (Community)

Thanks for the help.

Hi @ethertitan,

Yup, a few people have already reported this issue. This is on my agenda for today, so improvements on the way Soon™

Awesome, great to hear! Happy to help test when it’s ready.

Regarding PF2, any plans for a monster stat block template like D&D 5e? Or should I start a new thread for that?

Hi @ethertitan, we’ve resolved this! Go ahead and give it a test, see if I missed anything. This will only fix new characters created via template, so any old characters will still need updated.

Hi, 2 of the players in my pathfinder 2e table are having issues regarding updating their character level. They us the template, a level 1 character, and update the level to 10 but it does’t update any proficiency and level related things. Is this a bug, an issue, it is intended? thanks

Hi @andreluicci

The Pathfinder 2E sheet does not support that level of automation. You and your players will need to manually edit the values when leveling up.

Good news is that level of automation is in the 2E sheets now. I change my level and see my proficiences update.

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