Pathfinder 1e adv template error?

I just joined a friends game, and we were testing some stuff out with my barbarian character I’m going to run, but we noticed something weird, My AC was dropping by -4 instead of -2 when i applied the rage bonus thing. after turning it on and off again a few times, I noticed that it was dropping my AC by -2 and my Armor bonus by -2 for some odd reason. Idk if the advanced sheet is a community made sheet or what, but I figured I’d bring the error up here.

Hi @Ecanoya and welcome to the forums.

I originally created that sheet, but another user made updates and I have not had the chance to go back and repair the problems yet.

Thanks for pointing that out.

You’re welcome. I managed to figure out how to fix it on my end. Also, at first I thought it’d be nice to have tic box for unchained rage, but we just decided to use the normal rage, and keep in mind that the bonus Hp from Con is actually temp HP, since beyond that they’re basically the same

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