Paste to Upload Map Image/Assets

Hey everyone, did a quick search, haven’t seen it.

I think a good portion of us are familiar with imgur and a number of other image hosting web sites and the fact that they have the ability to “paste to upload” images.

I think this could be a super-useful tool for GM’s who might just want to quickly throw an image visible to players on a map real quick.

Macs have the Grab tool, Windows has Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch.

Use case is this:
Say a GM wants their players to look at a drawing from a monster manual they have on a specific page; telling players to open their copy of a monster manual (if they even have it). This all detracts from gameplay and breaks immersion.

If a GM can quickly use a simple screen grab tool (like Snipping Tool or Grab) Copy (CTRL/CMD + C) and then use CTRL/CMD + V (probably in edit mode) from outside the browser to do a quick upload of this image and it appear at center viewport it would give this former hassle a quick alternative.

Essentially no (or little) UI interaction, other than maybe opening & closing edit mode and MAYBE a UI Confirmation of the image you just attempted to upload from your clipboard.