Panning around a map


I’m sure this is something simple I’m missing but how do I pan around a map in the map editor? I’ve found away using the arrow keys but it leaves the dynamic mapping lines behind.



I think I figured it out. The arrow keys work fine, I just need to hide the dynamic lighting layer first.

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Good question @dovahsarus

You can use Right-Click to move your camera around the map. The arrow keys will precisely move your content. In the backlog is also a ticket to map the camera usable from a trackpad and touch screen.



This may seem like a silly question but, in addition to panning, how do I zoom in and out?



Great question.

You can use +/- keys to zoom in/out or use the mousewheel to zoom in/out.

We’ll also be releasing new YouTube tutorials relatively soon so be on the lookout for those as well!



Whenever I try to use the right click to drag around the viewport in map editor it moves to where I slid but then slides right back to where I initially clicked the mouse, and the arrow keys do not work at all. they do absolutely nothing



We’re aware of rubber-banding issues and are working on a solution.

As a temp workaround, if you zoom in a fair amount (~100%) you shouldn’t be affected by the snapping so badly.

I’ve prioritized this bug as a must-fix. Will report back when we have something.

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@GearWulfen, this should be fixed! Go ahead and give it another shot, let us know if that’s any better!


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