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Good day, I have browse only a few categories here but have not heard mention or seen anything related to any of the Palladium Megaverse RPGs or any of the related Compendums. I am looking for a platform that I can use with this system. Can I do that here? If I follow the steps in the help guides will I be able to build it or will special requirements be needed?
Please advise…

Thank you!

Hi @Feyd, and welcome!

Astral is designed to be system neutral, and the devs’ effort shows.
I’m not familiar with Palladium, but perhaps this helps:

The system “Palladium Fantasy” is already listed in Astral’s options, but this is just a handy label; you will have to create a character sheet yourself.

This is roughly what it takes:

  1. Create a character (you can do it from your vault; but you can also create characters from within a game, dummy or otherwise, which will allow you to test actions; you can export it to your vault later); this character will de your “template”
  2. You can upload any PDF as a character sheet.
  3. You add stats and text on top of the PDF.
  4. You may add “actions” which are able to roll dice depending on stats.
  5. You “clone” your template, invite players to your game, and assign a character to each player.
  6. (Optional) you share a link to your template in your vault to the community content category so the publisher is contacted for approval and the template is made official.


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I’m working on some Rifts stuff myself. Love the options so far…but I’m making a few suggestions. :grin:

In the same place as you. Testing it out to see if it works with Palladium Fantasy. so far so good.

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