[paid][lfgm][pf2e] Looking for GM for Pathfinder 2e group

Hey everyone, as the title says we’ve got a private group of 4 looking to hire a GM for some Pathfinder 2e.

We are an old group of friends that have been playing together for a few years. I used to GM then got too busy, then another member tried and eventually got too busy, so we finally decided it might be time to hire a GM so that we can have regular, consistent game nights, and have a full campaign that runs all the way to lvl 20. Our hope would be to play a 1 shot and get a feel for a new GM and to see how well the group and the GM mesh together, and if it feels like a good fit for everyone, start a regular campaign.

We’ve been playing Pathfinder 2e for the last 6 months and have been getting familiar with the system and are looking for a GM who knows the system and is enthusiastic about running a 2e campaign. We are open to campaigns, modules, homebrews, combinations, write your own story if you’d like. Visuals are important though, so running games in a system like roll20 (or whatever) with imported maps or drawn maps, tokens, dice rolls, etc etc stuff works best for us.

As for us, we are not always the brightest of players, but we have a good time and laugh a lot! If you’re looking for the most devious group of skilled players to roleplay out complicated plots, well we probably won’t do a very good job. On the other hand, if you want to GM for a group that is more likely to roll a nat 1 and cause a bunch of shenanigans rather than a nat 20 to advance your plot, we’ll get along great! We’re looking for a good balance or roleplay and combat (and roleplay in and around combat). We like a good amount of flexibility and for the story to adapt to the characters/personality/random stuff that happens throughout the campaign. We’re not looking to resolve each encounter as a straight fight, but rather enjoy trying out different tactics or just letting our characters dictate some less optimal, but entertaining outcomes.

All players are over 18 (range is 27-42), we don’t mind harsh language and adult themes, but we’re not looking for any type of “romance roleplaying”. You might get a Barbarian that wants to woo a warrior queen so the party can steal some treasure from the palace, but you won’t have to worry about any actual wooing roleplaying, that’s not the gameplay we want. You also won’t have a murder hobo party; we try to play our characters as close to their alignments as possible and we don’t outright play evil unless we all agree on an evil campaign. We’re interested in a good fun game for everyone, GM included.

Tldr; We’re looking for a GM that knows Pathfinder 2e well and will consistently be available to run games on a regular schedule, that enjoys a good amount of roleplaying and flexibility and is ok with players coloring a bit outside the lines (but consistent within character).

Let us know what your prices are, maybe tell us a little bit about yourself, and we hope to find our GM!

Hey there, I was looking at the forum page and ran across your post. Have you found someone?
If not I would love to talk to you about this. I am looking for a regular game to GM. I have been playing D&D 3.5 and 5e and a LOT of 1e pathfinder but recently have been checking out pathfinder 2e. I would be available to begin a weekly campaign About the beginning of December. I would model an original story influenced off of other modile from the d20 universe. I am open to any and all Character Races, within reason, with a good enough back story and I try to build my encounters and campaigns pretty lose, because good role players rarely stick to the GM’s script. I use the Core Rules as basic guidelines. I am not a strict stickler for the written rules 100%. eveything is situational.

Anyway I am available to play a 1 off around the middle of November, if interested we can discuss price…

You can reach me on here or directly at shadeseagle.rex@gmail.com.