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We’re currently getting ready to try out Astral for our Starfinder campaign. We play mostly using Discord, but need a VTT for maps and combat situations and what have, and I came across Astral earlier today.

I would love to see an option for multiple health type bars for a character, even just for manually editable stuff. In Starfinder you have Stamina Points, which typically get depleted first, and then your Hit Points. As I’m playing the healer, I love the idea of having a visual representation of people’s health so I don’t have to keep asking (so thank you for health bars! Woo!). Being able to see both bars would be very useful for me, and other games that use similar systems.

What about a “right click to pull up more info on token” contextual menu? One or two “Health bars” with the option that the GM can easily pull up other info, such as AC, other “health” bars, maybe spell slots? This sparked a lot of discussion with the Beta Testers, figured I’d include it here!


Just to reiterate some of the ideas that have been tossed around the beta discord –
*Circular indicators around the tokens

  • Circular indicators above the tokens with numbers
  • Bars with the option for multiple numbers in them (ie, a bar that has your HP current/total, stamina current/total, etc)
  • Outlines around the token, whatever shape it may be

There may have been more, but I can’t remember offhand. LOL

Personally I’m still a fan of bars. Either that or the circular indicators above the tokens. I think these would be the easiest to see/read.

A right click for some quick stats type stuff would be handy for GMs for sure! I’m not sure how much of the entire sheet you guys are planning to implement into Astral, though, but I’m sure some players would like the option to be able to tick off spellslots and other things in the VTT. I’m a paper/write on my PDF sheet person, personally, but I can definitely see the usefulness for visuals of these types of things in the VTT as well.

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Want to throw out there that Astral’s current lack of info on actual tokens is a deal-breaker for me. Combat is time-intensive in RPGs, and VTTs need to speed that along. Having to edit your HP on your sheet, or next to the (moving) initiative order in the combat tracker, is not at all ideal. Even for those users that are okay with the combat tracker location, the HP field there doesn’t support addition/subtraction commands, which is another big time sink (we all love rolling dice, but hate the math).

I think Astral shows real promise, but until features in this area can be improved, it doesn’t tempt me enough to run my games here.

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Hi there @FeyRuneLabs, it seems like you are confusing some things on the platform’s UI. The Combat Manager doesn’t track HP, it tracks initiative, shown here:

The easiest way to edit token health On-The-Fly is using the Health button on the character’s banner that appears in the GMs view, shown here:


After you open that menu item, you’ll have the ability to put in a number and have the healthbar adjusted up or down based on that number, or to fully ‘heal’ or fully ‘kill’ the healthbar, shown here:


We’re always here to help, if you ever have any questions or are having a problem with the site, please reach out! The community and the staff are more than willing to help newer members get acclimated to the platform.

Hope this helps!

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Made a new thread before I realized this request existed - going to transplant my initial post over, definitely interested in this as a feature!

A feature I’ve seen on some other VTTs is the ability to define one or more additional point pools which behave similarly to (and can use a similar backend to) hit point values.

Examples of this could be an MP pool, rages/day, sorcery points, rounds left in a state, etc. Currently, these are things that need to be tracked separately by players/DM. For larger pools, it would be a big advantage to show these in the game screen.

It would be great to eventually display this as additional bars available underneath HP, allow a button to add/subtract in the same way damage/healing is currently supported, but I’d be happy seeing this start out as a simple value on the character sheet to start out with.

Below are some examples of implementations I’ve seen in use elsewhere:



Bumping this again because I’d still love to see it!

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This is what keeps me from playing Blades in the Dark on Astral.

Stress, Trauma, Coin, Loadout. So many things to track with a current and maximum value. This makes the game not Astral-friendly…


So, I’m going to throw in a suggestion, as this goes along with my players requesting that status icons actually go on top of their character…they could pop up with the health bars like this as well…all of it could be an option box to display or only appear on mouse over/select to keep things from getting too cluttered.

Edit–nevermind, already another feature request for this.

Still would love to have this! We’re drawing in to the end of our campaign, and this is a feature we have definitely been craving the entire time.

Wait for it… :grin:

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This could be used for timers and spell effects…aka sleep for 4 rounds etc, as well. I’m just hoping if they add more, you can still choose to quick edit via the quick action bar. That would make using this for things such as sleep/stun timers super easy. Just multi select the characters who are asleep and click down 1.

this is needed for conan 2d20 and all other 2d20 systems, which have both physical and mental damage.

As mentioned by the staff, multiple bars, tied to Stats, are being developed for the next Character Sheet update Coming Soon™


This is probably the one feature that Roll20 offers that Astral really lacks, and it’s borderline essential for Starfinder, Cypher system, and a few others. It would also be great to be able to relabel the HP bar into something else as well.

Guys, since this is a duplicate Feature Request that keeps getting votes, I am closing it to free up your votes.

Please vote and comment on this entry instead: Card Deck and Multiple Health Bars

Thanks for your support.

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