Option to individual action/stat display settings

To clarify this is so that each action/stat would have a check mark on the page to set the defaults on a per action/stat basis. That way if a specific action was formatted with a certain color/font or text that differs from the action name…it would retain that setting on a per action basis when dragged from the palette.

As it stands today display text is reset to the action name when removed from the sheet and font/colors are dragged onto the sheet using the last set option on from any element currently on the page.

I’m trying to use this to allow characters to players to drag class specific actions to spaces on their character sheet, using the display to show action related modifiers and target numbers. This would allow a long display for an action with a short name in the pallet and dice roller.

I have proposed something similar. A block that could include an Action and all necessary Stats that can then just be dragged / dropped onto the sheet, populating an open area. This could be used for specific weapons / armor / wands etc.

I think there are two major ways to build a character sheet with a lot of skills. One is to have all the skills on the page and have the players checkbox the ones they have. This eats up a LOT of page space and makes a lot of visual clutter. It’s not bad for beginners, sometimes, though.

The second way is to select (or drag) skills from a list onto the page. For that to work we need to be able to group skills and stats and text boxes, and be able to set the default display values.

Big PLUS ONE for this feature request.

The easiest way I have found for grouping Actions, as I have done for the Vampire 5e sheet, is to name the Actions with the Discipline name, followed by a colon then the Power name:

Auspex: Heightened Senses

Then the user can enter Auspex into the search bar, showing all the Auspex Powers that can then be dragged and dropped onto the sheet.

I’ve done something similar using class or race with a -. But I’m being ambitious trying to show the user all the modifiers that go into the state on the display of the sheet.

For now I’m using your suggestion to put them all on a blank page that can be deleted after character setup.

Grouping them to find them is relatively easy, but grouping them to drag them at the same time would help players when a skill is something like 1d6+2 [roll action btn]. That’s three stats and an action, four things to drag and align, not counting the ‘d__+’ text.

I agree, would be very nice to be able to grab and drag multiple items at once.

A “Package”, perhaps including a small layout image with the Action(s) and Stat(s) pre-situated on the image in the desired layout, that can be dragged and dropped onto the sheet as a unit.