Option to dim or not to dim entire map when adding light

LOVE the new lighting features! Wondered if it would be possible to make dimming the entire map an optional feature? I liked the lighting on a sewer map I have. I wanted to add a candle to a single room, but when I added the candle, the entire map dimmed down. Would prefer it if that was an option, rather than a default behavior. Thanks for the great work!

Hi @Dagg_Nabbitt.

Could I suggest that we make this request to control the amount of dimming when light sources are added? Rather than having it be binary, make it a slider, more along the lines of the “time of day” slider. It might be nice to have this functionality folded into that slider, in fact, although the color tone changes that that slider carries would need to be tweaked, as well. It does seem to me that having a little more control over how light an area is, in general, would be a nice thing, rather than just a toggle dim/not dim.