Option to auto-reroll Initiative at the start of a new Round

There are a multitude of systems out there that require re-rolling initiative between every round. It would be really nifty to have easy-access methods to quickly resolve New Round Initiative rolls for the whole table. Ideas on this include:

  • An option in the sheet designer to designate one specific action as the default “Auto Initiative” action
  • A button added to the GM’s initiative tracker that manually triggers a full table reroll based on their designated Auto Initiative actions
  • A checkbox in settings/etc that lets the GM choose if the system does this automatically upon the start of a new round.

This could really save a lot of hassle during play.

Hi @nonplayer

There is actually a Feature Request for allowing Initiative Rolls on multiple selected characters at the same time. https://support.astraltabletop.com/t/automatically-add-initiative-for-monsters-in-combat/4380

I believe adding your use case to that Request, instead of splitting votes, might be a better option.

What are your thoughts?

My initial thoughts are that the two requests are asking for separate things that could both be considered sub-components of a much broader “Improvements to Initiative Automation” request. I should note that I searched a lot before posting, and that requests didn’t come up as a match.

I do think the two requests are similar in that they both have to do with Initiative Automation, but honestly I don’t think either of the two topics would make sense as a comment moved into the other’s thread. I don’t know if it’s possible to, say, “merge and rename” both topics into something entirely new that scopes both, but if so that would seem most optimal.

As much as I’d like to sort of “slip in” under the other topic’s existing votes, I don’t immediately feel it would make sense. But I am also open to being convinced otherwise.

I’ll leave this thread open then. Enjoy your stay.