Option for Locational Damage Tracking

Unless I am missing something pretty obvious, my players and I will have to track damage entirely separately from the Astral system, as health in games like Runequest, Mythras, and other related titles track health and damage on a per location basis, so the number on the sheet for HP is entirely useless for those game types, as it won’t represent any useful information to us.

For instance, while 5e has a single number to represent a character’s health, Runequest 6e (the game we are playing) would have 7 different numbers to indicate health, 1 each for Head, Chest, Abdomen, Arms, and Legs. Getting to a certain level of damage on an arm would knock a character unconscious, but wouldn’t result in immediate death in most cases, however for the Head, Chest, and Abdomen, this becomes lethal. Thus, a general pool of health isn’t helpful.

Also, I haven’t checked yet, but in case Astral doesn’t enable it, RQ games have negative health, related to how injuries are handled, so that would also be needed eventually.

Beyond that, I am enjoying using your system so far and will be more than happy to do my part to spread the word and help improve the product!

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There are some huge developments in progress related to character sheets. More information will be presented as development continues, so keep an eye open for further information.

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