Openlegend RPG

So I’m creating a template for personal use for this system (Haven’t managed to track for a FOSS sheet to make it public). But if someone wants to and can here’s a couple of equations that might make life easier.
Wealth Level: (-lvl^3+lvl^2+2)/(((lvl-1)^2)*(lvl^2+lvl+1))
lvl: (floor(xp/3)+1)

They are easily computed through the table, but this way they can automagically update as you update your xp.

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Hello there @WillTheRipper

Remember, even if you can’t find a FOSS sheet, the Astral team contact the publisher, and they might (should?) be willing to allow your sheet to be made public.

Hi there! I know I’m late to this topic, but I’d love to see support for this system. I’m going to check out a few things myself to see what I can’t make work.