Only keep successes and fumbles

Hello Astral Community,

Is there a way to make this possible ?
I don’t need the result but only the successes and fumbles.
Green color for sucesses / Red for fumbles.
Great thanks for help.


Here is my code :

{name} fait un test de MACHINES LOURDES !

{Machine_lourde}+{Force} dés de base !({Machine_lourde}d6=6 +{Force}d6=6)
{DStress} dés de stress !({DStress}d6cs=cf)

Hi @Supervomito

Currently that is the only way it works. Some systems might actually require this type of output.

If you would like to see an option for Only showing the success / fail count, please create a Feature Request.

Ok thanks for quick answer @LaMorte !

I’m new here and I voted for more interesting feature request.
It works for me, it counts successes and fumbles, i can play my game :slight_smile: !

I have one other question about this topic.

After rolling the dice and have successes, I need to re-roll all the dice except the successful ones.
For example :

!(6d6=6) -------> I got x successes .


Thanks a lot if anyone can help me with this.

At present there is no way to reference a previous roll. The Feature Request for {lastRoll} should help for that,

I voted.
Many thanks @LaMorte