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I’ve been tampering with a simple weather engine to further immerse your players. Right now you can enable “Nighttime” and “Rain” - The gif below shows both activated. Nighttime simply darkens your map, perfect for caves and dungeons.


I really like the weather engine, I think it could add quite a bit of immersion.


The feature I want most for online game play is integrated and reliable video and voice chat. It should be considered a requirement for VTTs these days. Fantasy Grounds has no video or voice, and Roll20’s is so buggy as to be practically useless. A good VTT with reliable video chat would have my interest; it’s much more important to me than bells & whistles like dynamic lighting, etc.

Video/Audio chat

Hey @Lex :wave:, welcome to the community!

Thank you for raising this suggestion. It’s something I’ve had requested a few times by different users. I hope you don’t mind but I created a new thread so I can track progress on that feature specifically and so other users can like or chime in with suggestions as well.

I’m unsure what priority it has at the moment but I am happy to start digging into what it will take to make something like this possible. If other users agree it’s an important feature I’ll certainly make it happen sooner!

Thanks again for taking the time to write your thoughts, it means a lot to me and the community. Always feel free to reach out.



Thanks Tom! I’ll reply to the new thread. :slight_smile:


What VTT is complete without some beacons to identify positions? Change the color of your beacon easily via the toolbar or via the Character Sheet for players.

Note: I plan on highlighting your token with the color you choose in the sidebars so colors are more obvious.


Some more tooling for GMs. “Center on Token” and “Character Sheet” buttons appear when a character is selected.


Place characters where you want them. Click a character, place on the map (similar to the map editor)



Share with certain players or reveal to everyone. Work-in-progress.


Player Handouts (shown below): Players can be revealed handouts or handouts can be added to their inventory via the GM


Almost ready … July 31


What I want most out of a virtual tabletop is RTS style fog of war.


Hello @Sky :wave: and welcome to the community!

Great suggestion. RTS FoW is something I am striving to implement soon. I’m planning a Kickstarter in a month or so that will allow me to better timeline features like this.

For clarification, you mean a system like Age of Empires where moving reveals the map and navigating away from areas you explored greys them out?

Thank you for taking the time to voice your suggestion. It really means a lot to me and the community. I’m always available if you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns.