Online Gameplay


Hey folks,

Tom here, founder of Power VTT and I’m super excited to start the development of online gameplay!

Power VTT has been built from the ground up as a result of user feedback like yours and we’re looking for your thoughts on what would make an amazing online experience.

We’re currently prioritizing what features are most important, so we ask, what do you want most RIGHT NOW?

The plan will be to build a quick alpha version in the next month (before August) and expand from there.

We’re extremely open to your thoughts so let us know what you’re looking for!


Quick Update:

I’ve officially started working on v0.7.x which will have the early stages of online gameplay. You most likely won’t be able to do anything interesting yet, but it’s a small token to show that it is indeed coming soon.

As always, I’m open to your thoughts, suggestions, and comments on what you want to see in online gameplay!



Work in progress of the online interface, not finalized in anyway

Gif of creating a game so far


Looking good! Excited to see more!


How will connecting be handled: lobby with list of open games, personal invites, connect-to-IP?


Personal invites, if you’re invited it should just show up in your personal game list with something like a “Accept/Deny Invite”. Eventually I’m going to build a lobby-ish system that can be used to find/filter games for players to find GMs


Quick question, will there be a cap to amount of people per game? If so what do you imagine it to be around?


@Takebal I don’t have immediate plans to cap the amount of players but open to suggestions. At the moment if you wanted to add 10 I suppose the system would allow you to do that.


Okay sounds good. Is this going to be hosted on the person’s computer or on a server? I saw the GIF of you creating a game, and that you are looking into putting in a lobby. Are you planning on having us connect via IP or based on friend’s list?


@Takebal Server hosted, I plan on rolling out subscription packages for data usage (storage); pay what you use. Most people will fall into a plan that’s no more than a few dollars a month.

On initial rollout I’m doing an “early access” pricing with a free month up front. The price you pay early will be the price you pay always, even when I increase the subscription pricing after adding the rest of the features like automation, character sheets, fog of war, etc. It’s early access so you’ll be getting features as I make them, but you also will get a lot of say in how the app is built and you’ll be directly supporting me developing it as well.

I always welcome thoughts on pricing and how the app is and will be supported.


Love the idea. Thanks so much for making it more clear. Are we looking at storage in terms of maps or usage of data? Also a thought would be, are you going to be selling things like the different player’s handbooks?


Pricing would be storage usage. I hadn’t thought about data usage but I imagine that might get hard to measure and hard for people to gauge.

A plan down the road is player handbooks. I’m exploring options around that now although nothing official. A larger goal is pre-built adventures for faster “start game” times.


Sounds good! Liking the sound! Thanks a bunch!


Working on the chat/roll interface. The dice “pop out” from under the single dice icon when you hover, making it out of the way and easy to roll. Modifiers and all that fun stuff will come later.

Open to early thoughts!


So one thing that I find challenging with other online options is that linking between the map, tokens on the map, handouts, and character sheets feel incomplete and not terribly intuitive.

For example, I have an area that is a forest where an encounter occurs, but if they explore the area they may find an axe in the stump of a tree, it would make sense for the players (or just GM) be able to interact with the token, which is linked to a handout and share that with the players without fumbling through handouts, then sharing it. I should simply be able to click (or right click) it and have options to do what I need to do with it. There is a lot you could do here, map to map linking, map to handout linking, token to character linking, token to handout linking…

Basically what I am saying is that campaign management (like you get with a product like Realmworks) should be intuitively built into the tabletop itself. The biggest gap (for me at least) is that there simply isn’t a seamless tabletop and campaign management tool. I really like what say Realmworks and City of Brass can offer… but because I play 100% online these days, the lack of a virtual tabletop makes it useless. On the flip side, campaign management functionality is an absolute afterthought in the VTT market right now, where if designed right, they could go hand in hand.


Seriously great points. I’m actually pretty happy to read all this because what you mention is almost exactly the kind of experience I wanted to avoid (many clicks to do seemingly simple tasks.)

Realmworks is very robust, I doubt I’m going to get to that level of intricacy HOWEVER I do agree that campaign management is a must-have and will be heavily-integrated.

For example, some things I already have planned:

  • Automatic logging of actions/changes - Anything that changes (a character sheet is edited, handout was given, something manually adjusted), it will appear in the chat log as a way of keeping track of your campaign.
  • Clicking a player token will bring up the character sheet - Depending on the option I go with, this would either open a window or pull open the sidebar so you have the character in front of you. I imagine you could just drop an item from your GM panel onto their sheet to give it to them. - I’m open to thoughts on this one
  • Handouts can be drag/dropped onto players to give it to them. Again the flow of this depending on windows vs sidebars

Sincerely appreciate the time you take into writing this all up and hope my response makes some sense.

I had never thought about describing the problems Power VTT were solving as “campaign management” but in a way that’s exactly what I’m trying to solve. Make it easier to run a game.

Thank you again!


Quick update. I finally have live-syncing across all clients. You can invite friends (existing on Power VTT or not), setup their character, chat, roll dice, and move character tokens around. Below is a preview (work in progress) of selecting/saving a character token.

I’ve also improved the vault search functionality from Map Editor. I’ve built a reusable interface so that the search should feel universal across the app. This gif below is a preview of the interface in a modal. It will also be plug-n-play into the editor sidebar. (Also shown but cut off is the ability to drop content directly onto the vault component to easily import)

As always, I’m open to suggestions!


Switching Areas, Edit Campaign in Editor