On iPad, add a way for user to send messages

Currently, using iPad, user could type a message to the builtin chat, but I have not found a way to actually send it.

Hello @Renha. Welcome to the forums.

The big issue that you’re facing, at the moment, is that Astral doesn’t officially support mobile devices. I know that the Devs appreciate the feedback and the expressions of desire to offer such support, but I also know that it would not be a minor undertaking on their part to fully and properly support mobile devices.

One thing that you might try on your iPad is to set your browser’s user agent to be represent itself as a desktop browser. If there’s enough screen size, then you might be able to send the message from Chat by hitting return.

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I see that some better answers have already been provided over in Discord. Kindly disregard my comments where they don’t agree with what was said there!


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