Old pen & paper grognard / newbie to online questions

Hi all, ok so not the most tech savvy sort but picking this up, seems pretty intuitive so far.

  • So, say D&D 5E I can create any type of PC and am not limited to ‘free version’ of the game? Put another way, if I have hardcover book with say Rogue archetype Inquisitive I can just make that on the character sheet? I don’t need to ‘buy’ the content on Astral?

  • Did easy tutorial, during combat I can’t see AC so when attacks are made I have to check what target ACs are? Shouldn’t AC values be in Initiative tracker?? I probably missed it.

  • I understand I can’t import from D&D Beyond but I can link to PC on it? How?

Thanks, much appreciated !

Hi there, welcome!
First of all, I’d recommend you to join Discord for more interactive Q&A :slight_smile:

  1. Yes, you are free to do whatever you like with character sheets, once you learn the sheet builder you can deconstruct and reconstruct them over, or design your own. You can even play any homebrew system you come up with. All with the free version.

  2. There is a feature request for showing stats on Hover. Unfortunately not yet available, you can work it around by writing things down in your “GM Sheet” or anywhere of convenience. Vote here to raise up the attention of the prioritization requests. Some people also put the AC on the Token name.
    Faster way to display AC - Feature Wishlist And Ideas! - Astral Support Forums (astraltabletop.com)

  3. There is no way to import any kind of content into Astral right now. But people use D&D Beyond through Beyond 20. Check their site or join the Discord to ping for specific help.


Hello @HawaiiSteveO

Jeansen forgot to tell you that if you use the Beyond20 browser plugin you can use your D’nD Beyond character sheets with Astral. No import but it does roll and cast spells etc. into Astral Chat.

For AC I personally enter that as part of the NPCs name, then set the Nickname (click Display on the character sheet to get to that) to what you want your players to see, so they don’t see the AC.

You want me to learn Discord now too :laughing:?

That is sweet that content is not linked to purchases as far as ‘official’ classes / races are concerned!

AC info as part of token name sounds great. I’ve played around a bit with Shard table top, they have initiative, AC, HP, AC all together.

I’ll check out Beyond 20 thanks!

I’ve never pinged a Discord my whole life…

Thanks I looked at Beyond 20 - I am using work laptop as working from home and can’t download any apps etc to it which sucks.

Thanks for AC tip, I usually don’t mind telling players what AC is anyway and I can see their rolls so it doesn’t really matter. We do need to see what it is though!

Under Display is a box where you can enter a URL. You can enter your DnD Beyond character sheet URL into that box and Astral will give you a button to open the link in your browser if you want to use that instead of manually entering the information into the sheet.

Just a reminder that this will not interface with Astral, only allow you a way to open the character sheet on DnD Beyond.