October News: updates and fixes


Hey Astral Masters and players!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received plenty of suggestions and bug hunt reports from you: thank you! And while we ask to grant us some patience, as not all of them can be implemented right away, we make sure to record them so that we can address as many as possible. Nothing gets lost, so please keep sending your thoughts our way!

We wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to over the past few weeks (and start sharing these updates approximately bi-weekly going forward!). These updates will now land simultaneously into your email inbox, forum and Discord Announcement channels.

That doesn’t mean that you have to wait two weeks to ask a question or receive a status on your personal query: when you use the bug / feedback submission form on the bottom of the screen or support@astraltabletop.com, we aim to reply within a day.

Here go some of the most recent updates:

  • Beta is live and our incredible team of the bravest will be able to set off for the unknown this week! Excited! It’s not too late to join…
  • Our Bug submission form was relocated to the bottom edge of the screen. Please continue using it for all your feedback.
  • Several persistent bugs related to user invites were resolved.
  • So was the little bug affecting the campaign descriptions.
  • “Change Token” or “Character Portrait” boxes crush was fixed together with several other ones, including the password reset and the Firefox scrolling issue in the Vault.
  • Thanks to one of your reports, we increased the file upload limit up to 25MB (the limit on the free tier). You should be able to upload your large files with no issue now.
  • The last sprint saw a lot of work done on the “invisible” parts of Astral: we improved our administrative tools so that we can view and fix any account issues more quickly.
  • Bug of the week: the White Sheet! The common solution is to enable Chrome hardware acceleration; details here, reach out if you need help.
  • We got 4 new packs including Cyberpunk Cities: they are currently featured at Marketplace. Mythic Portal assets come included with the Pro (hint hint)!

We’ll keep going, fixing, improving, implementing: please continue supporting us as we are growing into the Astral we all dream of!

-Tom and the Astral Team
Happy adventuring! :crossed_swords: