Numenera Discovery Character Template

What is the game system your template is for?:
Numenera Discovery

Brief summary of your character template:
This template uses the character portfolio which includes a number of additional pages to extensively track special abilities, pieces of numenera, character development, etc.

Link to character template:
Numenera Discovery

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:
In order the run the character you would need the basic cypher system rules.

Looking forward to when this is actually available.


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could you please tell me when the content will be available? I want to use Astral tabletop for my current game please.

Thank you very much for your work

Hi @emriis,

Unfortunately, the Astral team can’t provide a timeframe since it depends mostly on the publisher of the game.

Here’s a post explaining how the community sheets work: