November News: Announcing Stream Screen and More Beta Features!


Hello everyone,

I am happy to personally deliver this update to you as we ramp up our beta features and improve our core experience for Game Masters and Players. Are you ready?

Tabletop Tuesdays (Beta)

If you’re a beta user or a merchant on Astral, come join me and the Astral team each Tuesday at 2pm EST on Discord for some fruitful tabletop discussion. We can chat about your suggestions for the platform or even just about your latest adventure! A new :loud_sound: tabletop-tuesday voice channel will be created in Discord where we can all hang out and and talk tabletop!

First Tabletop Tuesday is November 20, 2018 @ 2pm EST.

Vault Folders (Beta)

This feature has been on our list since Day 1 and we are so excited to finally deliver this to you. You can now organize your assets, characters, and maps using My Vault!

Vault Folders

Right now this experience is only available for our Beta users, but we are getting it ready for everyone in the near future. We rebuilt the existing My Vault from the ground up and still have a few features missing (notifications) before we can ship it live.

For now, enjoy the teaser gif above or request to join our beta program! :slight_smile:

Stream Screen (Beta)

This one is huge and I’m just going to come right out and say it:


We are extremely proud of our newest feature, the Stream Screen! A screen for your entire party to connect to without all the hassle of a tabletop. To celebrate, we’re enabling Audio/Video features for everyone, regardless if you have a subscription or not. This update also fixes a number of existing issues commonly reported in the previous audio/video system.

You can customize this screen using some of our premade templates for all your party to see. We also plan to offer Pro users a way to customize their own screens using CSS/HTML. Make a screen for your homebrew campaign or simply use it for your next virtual theatre-of-the-mind game. It’s a simple, free tool that makes virtual tabletop gaming even easier. Best of all, if you’re a streamer, you can use this screen to easily cast your tabletop games to Twitch or YouTube.

To access the new Stream Screen, click on the new button found on your game’s portal page


Let us know what you think about the Stream Screen using the feedback buttons and let us know what you want to see built or what we can improve on.

Brand New In-Game Experience (Alpha)

Behind-the-scenes, we are listening to and acting on your feedback to deliver a completely reimagined in-game experience. The new in-game experience fixes a plethora of ongoing issues, adds an entire new level of automation for your D&D 5e games, and makes it easier to manage your game without the platform getting in the way. We have heard your feedback and we are excited as ever to deliver something fresh that will make you love running tabletop games online. This is not a small endeavour but we are making fantastic progress. We hope you enjoy some of the above features in the meanwhile while we work to make the new experience the absolute best for your party.

While not all features are complete in the new experience yet, we are hoping to release an “opt-in” for those interested in trying out the early versions of this experience. We are building this with YOUR feedback so we hope to see you online using the new experience soon.


We have a number of exciting beta features out now and a few more on the way. In addition, we are now offering free audio/video for all our beta users indefinitely and will be bringing the same benefits to all users in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this update as much as I enjoyed writing it! I can’t wait to release what we’ve shown off today and look forward to updating you all next month!

Happy adventuring! :crossed_swords:

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I’m so excited about the user-focused direction!