Not even Bug Report is not working on Astral tonight

Hello, not sure if anyone can pass this information to the team, but I am not able to even report a bug through the website.

Connectivity has been extremely bad lately, but the worst today. Takes a very long time to log in, and then a very long time to select a game. Once you select, you can load the game, but characters don’t appear on the maps, chat history disappears, character pages take a very long time to load, and sometimes they don’t load and it is not possible to create new maps. Ah, and Report a Bug doesn’t work either.

My whole group is experiencing this as well.

In recent weeks, connectivity has been extremely bad, but never like this.

Not looking for solutions here, just trying to get this information to the team, as no response from Twitter account and I don’t know any other way to let them know about this.

There were some nasty server side issues, but RedMega got stuck into them. Astral should be good to go again.

The team are planning a big maintenance update in the near future that will hopefully solve this problem permanently.