Non-pdf handouts

This is currently the only thing keeping me from switching from Roll20 to Astral, which is otherwise looking fantastic. It’s very useful to me to be able to hand out art of monsters and npc’s the players encounter, or plain text with the description of a magic item or the contents of a letter. Having to convert that all to PDF is just very inconvenient. Plain text, .jpg and .png handouts are at the top of my wishlist.

Indeed. PDF is generally useless to me or my players. I usually type up handouts on the fly, or copy/paste them from PDFs. I can’t think of a single time where PDf handouts would have been of use to me.


This is a huge deal to me. I use backdrops far more than I use maps, as I feel they give more bang for the buck, and making every image into a pdf is not a good use of time or storage space for Astral


I’d like to vote for HTML or at least bbcode

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I’d settle for just popular image files like .jpg or .png. I mostly use handouts to show NPC artwork.

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Yesterday was my first session for my group on this platform and the lack of ability to upload a jpg as a handout was a major surprise. It is inconvenient for “on-the-fly” DM’ing.

Has there been any thought to this, one would think this would be a fairly easy fix.

Attention has been on getting fixes and feature requests for Character Sheets out. Once those are done developer attention can again focus elsewhere.

As for handouts specifically, there are a few feature requests regarding them that will be easier to solve by doing them as a complete unit, so it might take a little longer than a quick fix.

No on-the-fly handouts is a huge blocker for me, on roll20 I use that every session for ad-hoc silly notes my players find here and there; even laying down crucial information for them if they stuck. I am so sad. I very quickly fell in love with this website and almost instantly started my subscription - I am not gonna stop it, but I am not sure whether I’ll start a campaign here without this feature.

Do we have any information regarding whether is this even on the devs timeline?
@LaMorte do you maybe have an update?

At the moment the focus is still on performance and stability, with a side of Dice Roller improvements.

After that there are Character Sheet enhancements that were put on hold because of performance issues that will likely be completed, before the next item in the Feature Wishlist is looked at.

Unfortunately the devs don’t give us much in the line of hints before they give us Beta users a test run.

It’s a must. I usually write handouts like wikipedia about the world, rules, tips for use VTT, etc.
Also, as a Master, I write a numbered list of rooms or other features. In this way, I don’t need to find another source (paper, pdf, another tab, etc) and increase my perfomance in the game.

EDIT: Also, a feature like folders helps to manage information.


Plain images would sure help, being able to organize and upload JPGs of NPCs, locations, views. Being able to upload them into folders, organize them, and then display to all players with an easy button or by drag and drop onto the play area. I hope the coding on this isn’t too hard, seems like a layer over the visible area with the image would do it.

Adding a “My Images” area to the vault would help.

I’d be happy starting with images. Later, adding HTML file and linked image support would be amazing!

Yeah, this is a block for me too. I’m currently using a Discord channel with game maps in Astral, but its really clunky and players sometimes get lost on where we’re looking

I don’t believe there is any way HTML is going to become an option. You begin opening up security issues in the sight.

If HTML isn’t an option, then plain images would really help. Plain text with minimal mark-up would help too. Here in this forum I can bold, I can italicize, I can do more too. The same level of text formatting would be fine I think for this purpose.

Could use the .RTF file format, that’s strictly formatting code I believe. Could also use the mark-up subsection of HTML and only implement the text mark-up options from HTML, that wouldn’t create any kind of security concerns. The <h#> header formatting, ,

options, even style sheets. I don’t believe any of the text markup would pose any security issues, the scripting sure would…but maybe an HTML display library that would ignore scripting codes and just do formatting? I used to manage a web dev company, it’s been years, and years, but I vaguely remember options like this…

Supporting Markdown (the same code supported here and in Actions) is more likely than watered down HTML.

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+1 Markdown + image copy pasting + (Ideally) audio recordings mp3

After looking deeper into the system, handouts could use a lot of love.

Additional formats, including some basic text you can add to it. Also GM notes.

Yes - GM Notes are voted down here ^^ I put all the votes I could there

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Nice. Added a vote there as well!