Non Character Tokens?

I’m not sure what you’d call this but what i’m looking to do is this…

I have a parking garage. There are lots of static vehicles that are part of the map and won’t be moving or anything.

However the bad guys and the PCs will all likely have vehicles and the idea is to have a running gun battle down from the third floor of this parking garage.

How would I do the cars? Can I add a token that represents each car and somehow link the passengers to it so they all move at the same time? Or would i move the car and then move the character tokens? If so, how would I make the car tokens?

Anyone have any advice?


Hi @Eiredrake

You would create the car as a character.

Astral allows you to select multiple characters together using Ctrl-Click or Ctrl-left drag to select multiple tokens. You can then move them as a group.

so make the car as a character and assign it an image. Won’t it be the same size as all the other tokens though?

You can increase the size of the token in the Display Settings on your Character Sheet sidebar. You’ll probably want to use a custom size, maybe 2x5 or 3x7, depending on the asset you’re using.

yep I just noticed that after I hit reply… Thank you though. Experimenting now!

ok this is truly badass… I had to share it.

It’d be cool if you could group them together or something but this is more than I’d hoped for.


Glad that works for you @Eiredrake

// Closing as resolved