Newcomer- so many questions!


I’m looking for a virtual tabletop that works for me, and Astral looks great in a lot of ways, but I have a TON of questions, and it’s not really clear where to ask them.

Is there any way to collapse the compendium panel? It eats up a ton of my screen landscape, and when I’m GM’ing, I hoarde every centimeter!

Can I purchase my assets elsewhere and virtually import them, or do I need to purchase, download, re-upload to use off-site asset packs here? (Other than the Astral marketplace, I mean.)

Is there an easier way to navigate between the app and the forums? They seem extremely awkward to move between.

I too would like to know about the music player feature (Is tehre one?) and whether my players need to have paid subs to access (insert any given feature here) while in my game.


All great questions! About the shortest way to ask them: there is a little panel with three buttons that “sticks” to the bottom of the screen. This is the fastest and the most direct route to our inboxes and development queue! :slight_smile: