New User - Sound Issues

We have been using roll20 but I found astral yesterday and it looked really good so i created a start page (the default map / splash page it sets for you and invited a friend to test it.

I was dissapointed that there was no webcam support but i can get around that, the main issue i had was that the player could not hear any of the sound effects, i played the 2 default sound effects and an uploaded song but he couldnt hear any of it. I am not sure if this was because we were using discord to talk?

Also it seemed laggy, as in he was moving his character around ant it appeared to be leaping from one side f the screen to another but we may just have been online at a busy time 4pm GMT.

Hi @Renegade and welcome to the Forums.

Video / Voice integration is currently been tested in Beta.

If your player was dragging the character using their mouse, you will only see the update once the character is dropped again.

Ok thanks, what about the music and sound effects, will using discord interfere with the player hearing those’ since he couldn’t hear them at all?

It is possible that the player in question had their browser muted, or less likely, that their system had not cached the audio files.

An easy way to check that all files have cached correctly is for the player to press Ctrl / Cmd + F5 to force a cache refresh for the current browser window. So if they experience this issue again, ask them to refresh the window by using that key combination.

In general, using different audio sources should not cause sound from the browser to be not heard.

thanks after more extensive testing this seems to work fine now, must have been a glitch.

// Closing as resolved