New user Compendiums issue

Trying to upload the CP Red book to my game so we can all use it. I have the latest version in PDF format from DrivethruRPG but I cant upload it.

What am I doing wrong or is it just because it’s file size is too big ?


Hi @Hyriu33 and welcome to the Forums.

Firstly, what you are trying to do is illegal, so I wouldn’t recommend that you do it.

Secondly it is very likely that the PDF is too big.

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How is it Illegal I own the book both in PDF and in Print form ?

Hi @Hyriu33.

It would be illegal because you would be sharing copyrighted material. What you own is the right to use that material for your personal uses, likely with some limited permission granted to make copies. While Astral is a virtual tabletop, from a legal standpoint, there is a difference between having a book at a real tabletop and sharing it with the other players who are there vs. uploading a PDF copy of the book to share with other players in you Astral game.

The limited copying license that most of these books grant may give you a way to do what you want. Namely, you could extract the pages from the PDF that are pertinent to your game, and share only those pages. (Please not that I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, and to fully understand what you are and are not allowed to do, legally, you should consult with an attorney).

Hi @Hyriu33

If you bought a computer game, would that make it legal for you to give copies of that game to your friends?

@SnowyRiver please don’t continues to spread misinformation. This was already addressed in one of my threads.
Hi @SketchParker. Thank you for helping to clear this up. Your input is always very welcome.

Going back to the original request, as I already noted, there is some reasonable ground for increasing the upload size limit. If I have a 200MB PDF, and I split it into 5 45MB PDFs to get around the upload limit, the result when I share these with other players will still be the same, effective, level of load on the servers and bandwidth. Increasing the upload limit won’t instantly make everyone start uploading much bigger files. It would remain the outlying case. I could see the idea of having an alert dialog pop up for files larger that 50MB saying “This is a very large file. Is there any way that you could reduce your file size?” Or larger upload limits could be limited to paying memberships. In any event, there are approaches that are worth exploring to address this limitation.

While this is definitely a necro post, I do think it’s important to also mention the original response to “Is it illegal to upload TTRPG materials you own as a handout to a game you are currently active in”

Upload and sharing for the purpose of play is expected and encouraged, and is not a DMCA violation.

I understand that there’s often a lot of “grey area” around what constitutes an infringement to IP rights. Often times it can be different from publisher to publisher, and if you aren’t sure, you can check with Astral Staff, or (often more effectively) with the publisher and their community.

Someone bringing a rulebook to a table they are currently playing at isn’t an unexpected event. Creating a dropbox for everyone to download copies of the rulebook would likely be a very different matter. It often very much depends on what the publisher is permitting as acceptable use on a case by case basis.