New Templates for AD&D 2e and GURPS

I am interested in creating templates, and I apologize if I missed something, but where can I learn more about adding to the communities templates or just creating one for my own group.

Thank you

Hi @thinstardust, there’s several ways you can go about this.

The first would be to create a character in your vault with fully fleshed out actions, attributes, notes, the works. You’ll only need one. Try to include as much as you can. If you check out our templates, we try to include everything we could think of in each, just to get the building blocks started. Once you have that one character that has all the basics, this character can be imported into your game as many times as you want. This is a character that is only available to you.

Here’s a thorough guide on making character attributes and actions play nice with each other in Chat, as well as some really cool styling examples.

Let’s say you have 4 players. Import your character 4 times, invite your players, then assign the character tokens to them. Let them know they can start updating their character with their own stats, attributes and actions. In very short order, your players will be able to update with their own info into their tokens.

If you want to offer your base character as a Template, I’d recommend a play-test first. Ask your players to let you know anything that you might have missed in order to play them. If something ends up being missed, add it to the vault character. After the rough edges have been hammered out, go ahead and post the template in the Community Content section for the community to vote on and recommend change.

After it’s had a little while in Community Content, The Astral Staff will look it over to verify the following things:

  • Does the Template meet community standards? (No undue profanity, etc)
  • Does the Template violate any licenses? Is it OGL?
  • Does the template use an image asset that is not included for Free users? (Only assets available from the original free packs can be used for Templates.

You aren’t under any obligation to provide your character as a template, but it could help other community members who are looking to play that system on Astral. You’ll also be credited with the creation of the template.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns, I’m here to help!

So did anyone ever make that AD&D 2e char sheet ?

I do not think so. I will build one once I have a better understanding of how everything works, and I decide this Is where I will host my games.